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Dr. James Fadigan, trained in both psychology and neuroscience, is a national authority on learning. Over fourteen years ago, Dr. Fadigan began working on the Learn To Learn program to address the needs of students who didnt fit the normal student profile: students who were inattentive, created behavior distractions, could not learn at a prescribed pace, tested low on standardized IQ and achievement tests, and seemed unmotivated or disinterested.

Dr. Fadigan and his team, building on the concept of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself at any time in life), identified the 14 core intelligences most critical to learning in the modern world. The Learn To Learn program assesses and develops these intelligences along with sensory motor skills, which are critical to the brain receiving and processing information.

Over the last twelve years, Learn To Learn has conducted scientific validation studies to confirm the program's effectiveness. More than 17,000 children and adults nationwide--from the most learning-challenged to the most gifted--were studied at public, private and charter schools, government agencies, and corporations. The consistent conclusion is:

This unique brain development program works!

Learn to Learn is not just changing brains, it is changing lives. Students are succeeding where they had struggled or failed. Teachers and parents are encouraged at the prospects of a more successful future for each child. Seniors are living fuller, more competent lives. It is the vision of Learn to Learn to bring this new era of intelligence improvement to parents and schools throughout the nation.

Seeding the mind with

the ability to learn.

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