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The Learn to Learn program is a brain based learning program which finds its roots in neuroscience. It combines the concepts of brain circuitry and neuroplasticity to successfully improve the brain's ability to learn.

"Brain circuitry" is how the brain communicates with itself internally and "neuroplasticity" refers to the brain's ability to change itself throughout life. The development of brain circuitry starts in the beginning of life when the immature brain organizes itself and establishes neural pathways. It literally wires itself up through interaction with the environment. Neuroplasticity is the critical ability of the brain to re-arrange or "rewire" itself whenever something new is learned or memorized.

Our ability to learn new concepts and memorize important things is a fundamental skill which we all develop subconsciously during our "wiring up" stage early in life. The problem is, not all of us develop all the circuitry necessary to be good at every task. The Learn To Learn programs address this issue in a two-layered approach. Lower level sensory motor skills are fine tuned through a series of carefully designed exercises that help improve the connections across various areas of the brain. Higher level cognitive skills are improved with computer-based exercises that specifically target the areas of the brain responsible for learning.

For example, if a student has underdeveloped cognitive skills that make it difficult to learn math, neuroplasticity offers new hope. The Learn To Learn program improves the circuitry the brain uses to grasp math concepts. The brain circuitry improves through challenge and stimulation, created by Learn To Learn's scientifically designed brain exercises. With improved brain circuitry, math becomes easier to learn. This same concept is true for any subject.

While strengthening the upper level cognitive skills, students also benefit by strengthening the lower layers of brain circuitry that connect all the inter-related areas of the brain. This sensory motor layer is key to assure that information is coming into the brain correctly (sensory processing) and that the brain's hemispheres are coordinated and processing efficiently. The Integration Exercises challenge the development stages which were missed during early childhood, and help complete the lower level circuitry of the brain for permanent improvement in learning abilities.

The Learn To Learn programs assure that when a new learning challenge is encountered, the brain has the proper circuitry in place to accomplish the task. For students, information is retained and they are able to build on prior knowledge. Problem solving skills increase and confidence soars.

The Learn to Learn program is based on decades of work by the neuroscience and psychology communities on learning and neuroplasticity. The Learn To Learn team began work in 1995 to apply the breakthrough concept of neuroplasticity to improving the ability to learn. For the next fifteen years, thousands upon thousands of students went through the program in schools around the country and their academic performance was scientifically compared to fellow students who did not receive the program. The results were profound. Learn To Learn can improve all aspects of academic performance. Read our research summary to learn more.

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"Learning to ride a bike is neuroplasticity in action. Your brain takes a complicated task and 'wires' the neural connections in a matter of seconds. Your brain is changed permanently and you are able to ride the rest of your life."

Dr. James Fadigan


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